13.11. Experimental Components

In addition to the supported components of JBoss Transaction Service which are included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, there is ongoing feature work that may eventually find its way into future releases of the product. In the meantime, these prototype components are available via from the http://jboss.org Community website.


There is no guarantee these components will work correctly and they are not covered under the Enterprise Application Platform support agreement. However, some of the advanced functionality available may useful for projects in the early stages of development. Users downloading these prototypes must be aware of the limitations concerning module compatibility, in accordance with the Section 13.12, “Source Code and Upgrading”.
Sometimes you may need the ability to invoke traditional transaction components, such as EJBs, within the scope of a Web Services transaction. Conversely, some traditional transactional applications may need to invoke transactional web services. The Transaction Bridge (txbridge) provides mechanisms for linking these two types of transactional services together.
BA Framework
The XTS API operates at a very low level, requiring the developer to undertake much of the transaction infrastructure work involved in WS-BA. The BA Framework provides high-level annotations that enable JBoss Transaction Service to handle this infrastructure. The developer can then focus more on business logic instead.