2.3. Directory Structure

The directory structure resembles the architecture of the 4.x series with minor differences. Note that JBoss Enterprise Application Platform now contains the HTTP Connector (in the mod_cluster directory), Picketlink (in the picketlink directory) , and RESTeasy (in the resteasy directory).
The JBoss Enterprise Application Server directory now contains the common directory, which has been added to accommodate the libraries common for all server profiles and prevent the library duplication in the directory structure.
The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform basic directory structure is as follows:
  • jboss-as — JBoss Enterprise Application Server home directory
    • bin — start and shutdown scripts, other useful scripts
    • client — client JAR files
    • common — static JAR files shared by all server profiles
      This directory has been added to prevent duplicated copying of common libraries into individual server profile directories.
    • docs — schemas/dtds, examples
    • lib — core bootstrap JAR files
      • endorsed — directory on the server JVM java.endorsed.dirs path
    • server — server profile directories
  • mod_cluster — JBoss HTTP Connector
  • picketlink — the PicketLink project
  • resteasy — RESTEasy implementation (JSR-311, JAX-RS)
  • seam — JBoss Seam application framework home directory
    Note that JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3 contained two seam directories: seam1 and seam2. The seam1 directory contained Seam 1.2.1 that was delivered originally with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4. It contained the drools, embedded-ejb, and hibernate directories with libraries. Now, these are in the lib directory. Also, the mail resource adapter has been moved for the mail directory to extras and buni-meldware, external mail and groupware server intended for presentation purposes, has been removed.
    The seam2 directory contained the 2.0.2FP version of the Seam delivered with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Feature Pack and the structure has not undergone any significant changes.
    • bootstrap — JBoss Embedded configuration for the Seam integration testsuite (refer to the S
    • lib — library directory
    • seam-gen — command-line utility for generating simple skeletal Seam project to allow a quick project start
    • build — configuration and resources for building
    • examples — examples demonstrating uses of Seam's features
    • extras — mail resource adapter; JsUnit testing
    • ui — sources for the Seam UI module
Refer to Section 7.2, “Standard Server Profiles” for details of the server profiles included in this release. Also refer to Appendix A, Server Directory Structure.