17.3.2. Configuring a DataSource for Remote Usage

JBoss EAP supports accessing a DataSource from a remote client. See Example 17.5, “Configuring a Datasource for Remote Usage” for the change that gives the client the ability to look up the DataSource from JNDI, which is to specify use-java-context=false.

Example 17.5. Configuring a Datasource for Remote Usage

This causes the DataSource to be bound under the JNDI name GenericDS instead of the default of java:/GenericDS, which restricts the lookup to the same Virtual Machine as the EAP server.


Use of the <use-java-context> setting is not recommended in a production environment. It requires accessing a connection pool remotely and this can cause unexpected problems, since connections are not serializable. Also, transaction propagation is not supported, since it can lead to connection leaks if unreliability is present, such as in a system crash or network failure. A remote session bean facade is the preferred way to access a datasource remotely.