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Satellite Blog move - What you need to know

John Spinks published on 2018-11-08T20:35:37+00:00, last updated 2018-11-08T20:36:06+00:00

After many years of being hosted on the customer portal, the Satellite blog has been moved to the main Red Hat blog with the majority of the official blogs.

Along with hosting on a more modern platform colocated with many of the other Red Hat blogs, this change will allow us to create more dynamic content, reach a broader audience and focus on a variety of management and automation topics and trends.

The new blog is part of the Automation and Management channel which focuses on covering key topics across our management and automation portfolio. In the future, this channel will include blogs on all of the Management products including Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Insights, Red Hat CloudForms, and Ansible including Ansible Engine, Ansible Tower, Ansible Networking, and Ansible Security. It will also show articles tagged about general Automation and Management topics.

In case you want to filter and just read the Satellite blogs, you can use this link: https://satelliteblog.redhat.com

Starting with Satellite 6.4, we include the capability to have blogs listed in the notification drawer once new blog posts are received. A future release of Satellite will have the URL updated by default, but in the meantime, you can change the location yourself by following these steps:

  1. Log into the Satellite User interface
  2. Navigate to: Administer > Settings > Notifications
  3. In the RSS URL field click the pencil icon to edit the URL.
  4. Replace the URL with: https://www.redhat.com/en/rss/blog/channel/red-hat-satellite
  5. Click the checkmark to accept the changes.
    The settings should look similar to the screenshot below:

Satellite Blog Settings

Note: The RSS feeds are updated twice daily, so this change will not automatically be reflected.

If you want to update the RSS feed immediately, you can ssh into your Satellite host and run the following command as a user with sudo permissions:

FOREMAN_RSS_LATEST_POSTS=3 foreman-rake rss:create_notifications

As mentioned, newer releases of Satellite will have the RSS URL changed by default, but this BZ was just submitted and is not currently assigned to a release.
As such it is suggested to make this change inside of Satellite so you can easily access the latest news and information about Satellite.


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