Red Hat Satellite Blog: April 2015 archives

  • Implementing UEFI support with Satellite 6.2

    Satellite 6 does not currently support UEFI, but thanks to John Herr from Red Hat and the Foreman Hooks plug-in, it is possible to achieve some level of integration for bare-metal or virtualized provisioning. This tutorial is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 running Satellite 6.1 and using Grub2 for PXE booting systems (instead of traditional PXELinux). This example configuration uses Satellite 6 with Capsule running on the same server. Required conditions: Satellite 6.2 running on Red Hat...
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  • Discovering bare metal with Satellite 6.1

    Satellite 6.1 will ship with the discovery plug-in pre-installed. The discovery plug-in enables automatic bare-metal discovery of unknown nodes on the provisioning network. These new nodes register to the Satellite Server and upload system facts such as serial ID, network interfaces, memory, and disks, as collected by Facter. After registration, the nodes show up on the Discovered Hosts page and you can initiate provisioning either manually (using the web UI or CLI, or the API) or automatically...
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