Red Hat Satellite Blog: November 2016 archives

  • Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User: Part 8 - Product Certificates

    Alternate title: Better living via X.509 part 1 Overview Product certificates are an important component of the subscription-manager toolkit. Understanding their usage makes working with subscription-manager significantly easier. What is a product certificate? Product certificates, which are x.509 certificates found in either the /etc/pki/product or /etc/pki/product-default directories are a means for the subscription tools to accurately track which Red Hat products are installed on a system....
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  • Satellite 6.2.4 is released

    Satellite 6.2.4 has been released today. 6.2.4 introduces many performance and stability improvements. There are two errata, one for the server [1] and one for the clients [2]. Customers who have already upgraded to 6.2 should follow the instructions in the errata. Customers who are on 6.1.x should follow the upgrade instructions at [3]. Previously released (which we did not post a blog post for) was Satellite 6.2.3, which included a number of fixes [4][[5], and a new feature: Lazy Sync Lazy...
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