Red Hat Satellite Blog: July 2016 archives

  • Satellite5, spacewalk-clone-by-date, and you!

    INTRODUCTION A typical workflow for a Satellite 5 installtion involves maintaining strict control over exactly what changes are available to registered systems. This is accomplished by cloning the channels synchronized from Red Hat Network, and limiting the clones to a given subset of the 'current' state of the original channel. spacewalk-clone-by-date is a tool available as part of the Satellite 5 subscription which aims to ease the process of creating and maintaining cloned channels. However...
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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.2 is now available

    Red Hat is pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat Satellite 6.2. Red Hat Satellite 6.0 included a redesigned product architecture to manage new types of content on a wide variety of platforms, including bare-metal, private, and public clouds. Satellite 6.2 continues to build on that release and features the following: Increase Efficiency with Automated Workflows Satellite 6.2 introduces remote execution, automating workflows and enabling users to take multiple actions against...
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