Red Hat Satellite Blog: June 2018 archives

  • What you need to know to be ready for Satellite 6.4 and Puppet 5

    As we work towards a Satellite 6.4 release this fall there are some very important changes to Puppet that are coming that the Satellite team wants to prepare you for. Note: This affects ALL Satellite 6.3 users, even if you are not using Puppet or if you are using Puppet Enterprise. The last few releases of Satellite have supported Puppet 3.8, a version which has been end-of-life since December 31, 2016. Satellite 6.3 introduced support for Puppet 4, but since there were some major changes on...
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  • Satellite 6.3.2 is now available

    Satellite 6.3.2 has just been released. The main driver for the 6.3.2 release is allowing customers to disable weak ciphers, but there are several other new features and fixes. There are two errata for the server [1][3] and one for the hosts [2]. The install ISOs will be updated later this week. Customers who have already upgraded to Satellite 6.3 should follow the instructions in the errata. Customers who are on older versions of Satellite should refer to the Upgrading and Updating Red Hat...
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