Red Hat Satellite Blog: January 2015 archives

  • Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host with Red Hat Satellite 6

    With the ever changing landscape in IT, many enterprise environments are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate downtime, improve security, reduce footprint, and achieve application portability. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host provides a way to achieve these goals. In this blog we cover the steps needed to setup Satellite 6 to deploy RHEL Atomic Hosts within your environment. The Environment The lab environment consists of a single Satellite 6 server running an integrated capsule...
    Posted 2015-01-13T14:06:06+00:00 - 17
  • Red Hat launches Red Hat Satellite 5.7

    We are proud to announce the availability of Red Hat Satellite 5.7, the last upgrade to Red Hat Satellite 5. Red Hat Satellite improves Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment management by increasing automation, and adding discipline, simplified administrative workflows and processes. With Red Hat Satellite, you can manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers as easily as one. Red Hat Satellite 5.7 is the latest of the Red Hat Satellite 5 series and features several highlights, including...
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