Red Hat Satellite Blog: August 2014 archives

  • Red Hat Satellite and Puppet

    Red Hat Satellite and Puppet Welcome to the second of our blog posts for Satellite. The topic this week is the usage of Puppet with Satellite 5 and 6. If you have not yet heard, Red Hat will be using and supporting Puppet as the configuration management platform within Satellite 6. The Puppet integration comes from many years of hands-on feedback and experiences within The Foreman community from users such as yourself. As part of the Satellite 6 release process we had many customer discussions...
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  • We are working on some great stuff

    The Satellite Engineering Team at Red Hat is working on some really great features, and we are always looking for ways to tell you all more about what is cooking in the upstream. Lukas Zapletal, in our Brno office, suggested that we start a blog to get some of this information out. The goal of this blog will be for us in Engineering to publish tips and tricks about how to use our products, videos which showcase new features, and to point you at new content on the Customer Portal. If you have...
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