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We are working on some great stuff

Bryan Kearney published on 2014-08-19T18:18:01+00:00, last updated 2014-08-20T12:47:13+00:00

The Satellite Engineering Team at Red Hat is working on some really great features, and we are always looking for ways to tell you all more about what is cooking in the upstream. Lukas Zapletal, in our Brno office, suggested that we start a blog to get some of this information out. The goal of this blog will be for us in Engineering to publish tips and tricks about how to use our products, videos which showcase new features, and to point you at new content on the Customer Portal. If you have suggestions on content you would like to see, here is the best way to reach us:

  • Comments down below. We will read them.
  • Add new discussion in the Satellite Community Forum We monitor that and can respond there.
  • We are in the upstream communities on freenode at either #spacewalk (Red Hat Satellite 5) or #theforeman (Red Hat Satellite 6)

Satellite 6 Beta: Building a Standard Operating Environment
One of the things which we are working on now is Satellite 6. We are in Beta now, marching towards GA. The Beta feedback we have been getting is great, Thank You!

If you have not played with Satellite 6 yet, it combines the proven provisioning and Configuration power of The Foreman with a new content plugin called Katello. Katello was designed based on interviews with our Satellite customers. The main use case we heard was that customers wanted to create a Standard Operating Environment and deploy it consistently across their machines. Content Views in Katello were created as a direct result of those conversations. Satellite 6 users define content views, their SOE, and provision both bare metal and cloud based machines. Beta customers have been asking for a best practices document to know how to use Content Views in Satellite 6. Justin Sherrill, Grant Gainey, and Todd Warner have put together a guide which you can see in this document..

Upcoming Posts
In the upcoming months, as we work towards the release of Satellite 6.0 and 5.7, we will be having posts which talk about Puppet and Satellite, Integration of IDM, Docker Integration, SCAP improvements, and whatever else we think you will like. Please let us know your thoughts!


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