Red Hat Satellite Blog: April 2018 archives

  • Satellite 5 and RHN End of Life - Making sure that you are only connected to RHSM.

    Have you completed your migration from Satellite 5 to Satellite 5.8, but you keep getting messages from us about upgrading before January 31, 2019? It could be that your systems are still registered with Red Hat Network (RHN), even if you have moved to a newer version. Let's walk through a couple steps to show you how you can check and see if you are registered with RHN or Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM). I moved to Satellite 6 - Does this affect me? If you have moved off of Satellite 5 to...
    Posted 2018-04-30T13:00:07+00:00 - 1
  • Satellite 6.3.1 is now available

    Red Hat Satellite 6.3.1 includes packages that supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 as well as a variety of performance enhancements and general bug fixes. Especially notable is the improvements in the performance of content views. In our tests we've seen publishing of a single content view on RHEL7 redunce in time by 43% and publishing of composite views reduced 95%. To put numbers to this 6.3.0 took 320 seconds to publish a composite view while 6.3.1 took 14 seconds to publish the same CV...
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  • Preparing to Upgrade Satellite? Open a Proactive Support Case.

    Worried about your upcoming Satellite upgrade? Don’t be. In addition to our detailed upgrade documentation, our support team has been through hundreds of upgrades and they’re happy to help if something deviates from your expectations. In order to optimize your upgrade experience if you chose to engage our support team, please submit what we call a “Proactive Support Case” ahead of your planned upgrade window. Why should you do this? This will allow for an experienced Satellite support...
    Posted 2018-04-11T16:33:49+00:00 - 1