Red Hat Satellite Blog: June 2015 archives

  • Security audit on Satellite 6.1 with OpenSCAP

    Introduction The Foreman-OpenSCAP gem suite enables Satellite 6.1 to receive automated vulnerability assessment and security compliance audits from managed hosts. You can upload SCAP compliance contents, create compliance policies out of them and assign the policies to hosts or hostgroups. The foreman_openscap plugin provides three default SCAP contents, so you can start testing security compliance on RHEL6/7 and on Fedora. OpenSCAP reports (aka ARF reports) will help you find vulnerabilities...
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  • Satellite 6.1 Public Beta is Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that Satellite version 6.1 is now available for public beta. Satellite 6.1 features numerous enhancements and fixes that improve stability, reliability and scalability. New features include errata management enhancements, automated provisioning of bare metal servers, content ISOs for disconnected environments and the introduction of both OpenSCAP and container management. All current Satellite customers are eligible to participate in the beta. If you would like to...
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