Red Hat Satellite Blog: September 2016 archives

  • Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User: Part 7 - understanding the Red Hat Content Delivery Network

    alternate title: disconnected customers like nice things too. Overview The Red Hat Content Delivery Network (henceforth known as the CDN) is the source of content for Satellite 6. Understanding This document aims to document What the Red Hat CDN is How to mirror it. How to leverage many of the tools in the Satellite 6 product to easily mirror or copy it for disconnected usage What is the Red Hat CDN? The Red Hat Content Delivery Network, nominally accessed via is a...
    Posted 2016-09-20T03:09:42+00:00 - 0
  • Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User: Part 6 - understanding and improving the renewal experience

    Overview Shipped in Red Hat Satellite 6.2.2 are a number of tools to improve the renewal experience. Facts Subscriptions are attached to systems. Subscriptions grant access to content. Without a valid subscription, a system cannot access content. Renewals What is a renewal? A subscription renewal, for all effective purposes is when a subscription expires, and it is replaced with a new subscription. Renewals are at their core, a financial transaction between Red Hat and the customer, where the...
    Posted 2016-09-19T00:37:25+00:00 - 2
  • Red Hat Satellite Organization in Github

    At Red Hat Summit this year, we announced the Red Hat Satellite organization in Github as a means to provide a location to curate scripts/projects that Red Hat employees, customers, and community members have written for usage with Red Hat Satellite. We would like to leverage this organization in the following manner: Provide a clearinghouse of well maintained, but officially unsupported tools known to work with a supported version of Satellite. Allow users of Satellite such as yourselves to...
    Posted 2016-09-18T19:55:29+00:00 - 0
  • Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User - Part 5 - Working with subscriptions that require virt-who.

    Overview Many of the various subscriptions that Red Hat offers are sold with the following spirit & terms A subscription is purchased based upon the socket count of a hypervisor. The subscriptions allows some number of quests (usually an UNLIMITED quantity, but sometimes values of 1 & 4 are used) to be instantiated on that hypervisor. These subscriptions require virt-who, the daemon that collects & reports host/guest mapping. This document aims to provide some further insight to...
    Posted 2016-09-16T09:03:40+00:00 - 5

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