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Red Hat Satellite Organization in Github

Rich Jerrido published on 2016-09-18T19:55:29+00:00, last updated 2016-09-18T20:20:18+00:00

At Red Hat Summit this year, we announced the Red Hat Satellite organization in Github as a means to provide a location to curate scripts/projects that Red Hat employees, customers, and community members have written for usage with Red Hat Satellite.
We would like to leverage this organization in the following manner:

  • Provide a clearinghouse of well maintained, but officially unsupported tools known to work with a supported version of Satellite.
  • Allow users of Satellite such as yourselves to showcase their work and develop their brand.
  • Provide a process for content to eventually become part of the Foreman upstream (and eventually a proper part of the product).

What do you get as a contributor?

  • Fame (or notoriety)
  • The joy of contributing to Satellite and having other people use your work.


Head over to Github, clone a script that does something you need.


Got a cool script/project that works with Satellite 6? Reach out to one of the Admins listed here

The various scripts in the RedHatSatellite organization are officially unsupported. However, the maintainers are pretty responsive to issues, so we encourage you to participate.


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