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Satellite 6.2.10 is released

Rich Jerrido published on 2017-06-20T19:13:25+00:00, last updated 2017-06-21T11:41:48+00:00

Satellite 6.2.10 has been released today. 6.2.10 introduces many fixes based on customer cases and feedback. There is one erratum for the server [1] and one for the hosts [2]. The install ISOs will be updated next week at the earliest.

Customers who have already upgraded to 6.2 should follow the instructions in the errata. Customers who are on 6.1.x should follow the upgrade instructions at [3].

PLEASE NOTE: Customers who have received hotfixes should verify the list below to ensure their hotfix is contained in the release before upgrading. Their hotfixes may be overwritten if they upgrade. Please reach out to the Satellite team if you are unsure.

The list of bugs fixed in in 6.2.10 include:

  • The refreshing of manifests process has been improved with several bug fixes and enhancements such as subscription refreshes and a confirmation dialog. (BZ#1455154, BZ#1455199, BZ#1393580, BZ#1436242, BZ#1266827)
  • The upgrade process will now execute foreman-rake katello:correct_repositories for the user. (BZ#1446713, BZ#1365223, BZ#1375075, BZ#1425437)
  • The subscription status is now consistent across the web UI and CLI. (BZ#1371605)
  • Memory leaks in OpenSCAP and the tasks plug-in have been resolved. (BZ#1432263, BZ#1412307)
  • Updating a content set associated to a pool with very large numbers of entitlements caused Candlepin to run out of memory. Consequently, updating a custom product with a large number of hosts took a long time. This bug has been fixed and Candlepin performance is now improved in the scenario described. (BZ#1435809)
  • Previously, when applying two errata to one thousand hosts the Gofer Agent daemon (goferd) sometimes terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault. The code has been improved and goferd no longer fails in the scenario described. (BZ#1418557)
  • Several fixes have been made to remote execution. (BZ#1387658, BZ#1417978, BZ#1422690, BZ#1449830, BZ#1413966, BZ#1390931, BZ#1438601)
  • Capsule synchronization was failing after upgrade for certain library configurations. These cases have been fixed. (BZ#1456446, BZ#1456559)

[1] https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2017:1553
[2] https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2017:1554
[3] https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en/red-hat-satellite/6.2/paged/installation-guide/chapter-6-upgrading-satellite-server-and-capsule-server


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