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Satellite 5.8 is released

Rich Jerrido published on 2017-06-19T19:35:28+00:00, last updated 2017-06-21T13:09:11+00:00

Red Hat Satellite 5.8 now generally available

Today, Red Hat is pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat Satellite 5.8, the last minor release of the Satellite 5 product line. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 builds upon 10 years of enterprise-proven successes, offering a complete lifecycle management solution to help keep Red Hat infrastructure running efficiently and with greater security, helping to reduce costs and overall complexity. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 is now available to all customers with an active Satellite subscription.

Red Hat Satellite 5.8 introduces several new features, enhancements and programs, including:

  • Increased speed with channel install and content syncing. For the first time in Satellite 5, customers can now register, activate and update the Satellite server from the Customer Portal, as well as synchronize content via the Red Hat Content Delivery Network. Read more about the improvements in content synchronization in this blog post
  • Improved diagnostics of background tasks and jobs. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 Introduces the Taskotop utility, which monitors Taskomatic activities and provides insights and information on the status of jobs, which can now run background tasks individually or in bulk.
  • Updated support of Oracle DB and PostgreSQL. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 offers expanded support for two additional databases -- External Oracle Database 12c and Embedded/Managed PostgreSQL 9.5 DB.
  • Extended lifecycle support beginning in 2019. Satellite 5.8 is the only minor release of the Satellite 5 product line to offer an Extended Lifecycle Support option beginning in early 2019.

Content Delivery Network Sync process:

The CDN sync process used by Satellite 5.8 is configured to work with products that are available in Satellite 5 today and are not at their end-of-life (EOL). All currently mirrored content will be available after upgrading to Satellite 5.8, but after the upgrade you will not be able to re-sync content that is at
or beyond its EOL. If you are planning a new install of 5.8 rather than an upgrade, and need to be able to sync this content, contact your account team to determine the best practices for your situation.

For more information on Satellite 5.8:


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