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Satellite 6.2 Beta 2 Now Available

Bryan Kearney published on 2016-06-15T12:39:58+00:00, last updated 2016-07-12T16:25:49+00:00

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Download the beta here
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Red Hat is pleased to announce the the second beta for Satellite 6.2. Beta 2 is immediately available to all current beta customers. The list of new features in this beta can be reviewed in the Beta 1 Announcement

Satellite 6.2 Beta - What's New

Lots of bug fixes based on your feedback

The first beta had very good adoption. Thank you for your time. Based on your feedback we have resolved many bugs. Specifically, you should see:

  • UI and API performance improvements
  • Interactive-shell performance improvements (Hammer)
  • Improved disconnected workflow
  • Improved database performance for certain content management scenarios -- i.e., EL7 installs come with newer, faster Mongo

Scenario based installations

The installation process has been updated to provided branded scenario based installations. For example, users will know they are using the satellite installer to configure a capsule. Please see the updated installation and quick start docs at the Satellite Documentation Page

Improved backup and restore scripts

We have gotten requests for multiple types of backup scenarios for taking backups of the Satellite server. The new backup and restore scripts add new options to support these various scenarios.

Upgrades from Beta 1 to Beta 2

Upgrades from Beta 1 to Beta 2 are NOT supported. A fresh installation is required.

What now?

Please follow the links above to get access to Beta 2. Thank you for your support with Beta 1, and we look forward to your feedback on Beta 2.


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