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3.8. Re-enrolling a Client into the IdM Domain

If a client virtual machine has been destroyed and you still have its keytab, you can re-enroll the client:
You can only re-enroll clients whose domain entry is still active. If you uninstalled a client (using ipa-client-install --uninstall) or disabled its host entry (using ipa host-disable), you cannot re-enroll it.
During re-enrollment, IdM performs the following:
  • Revokes the original host certificate
  • Generates a new host certificate
  • Creates new SSH keys
  • Generates a new keytab

3.8.1. Re-enrolling a Client Interactively Using the Administrator Account

  1. Re-create the client machine with the same host name.
  2. Run the ipa-client-install --force-join command on the client machine:
    # ipa-client-install --force-join
  3. The script prompts for a user whose identity will be used to enroll the client. By default, this is the admin user:
    User authorized to enroll computers: admin
    Password for admin@EXAMPLE.COM

3.8.2. Re-enrolling a Client Non-interactively Using the Client Keytab

Re-enrollment using the client keytab is appropriate for automated installation or in other situations when using the administrator password is not feasible.
  1. Back up the original client's keytab file, for example in the /tmp or /root directory.
  2. Re-create the client machine with the same host name.
  3. Re-enroll the client, and specify the keytab location using the --keytab option:
    # ipa-client-install --keytab /tmp/krb5.keytab
    The keytab specified in the --keytab option is only used when authenticating to initiate the enrollment. During the re-enrollment, IdM generates a new keytab for the client.