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30.5. Modifying sudo Commands and Command Groups

Modifying sudo Commands and Command Groups in the Web UI

  1. Under the Policy tab, click SudoSudo Commands or SudoSudo Command Groups.
  2. Click the name of the command or command group to display its configuration page.
  3. Change the settings as required. On some configuration pages, the Save button is available at the top of the page. On these pages, you must click the button to confirm the changes.

Modifying sudo Commands and Command Groups from the Command Line

To modify a command or command group, use the following commands:
  • ipa sudocmd-mod
  • ipa sudocmdgroup-mod
Add command-line options to the above-mentioned commands to update the sudo command or command group attributes. For example, to add a new description for the /usr/bin/less command:
$ ipa sudocmd-mod /usr/bin/less --desc="For reading log files"
Modified Sudo Command "/usr/bin/less"
  Sudo Command: /usr/bin/less
  Description: For reading log files
  Sudo Command Groups: files
For more information about these commands and the options they accept, run them with the --help option added.