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13.5. Setting Search Attributes for Users and User Groups

When searching entries for a specified keyword using the ipa user-find keyword and ipa group-find keyword commands, IdM only searches certain attributes. Most notably:
  • In user searches: first name, last name, user name (login ID), job title, organization unit, phone number, UID, email address.
  • In group searches: group name, description.
The following procedure shows how to configure IdM to search other attributes as well. Note that IdM always searches the default attributes. For example, even if you remove the job title attribute from the list of user search attributes, IdM will still search user titles.


Before adding a new attribute, make sure that a corresponding index exists within the LDAP directory for this attribute. Most standard LDAP attributes have indexes in LDAP, but if you want to add a custom attribute, you must create an index manually. See Creating Standard Indexes in the Red Hat Directory Server 10 Administration Guide.

Web UI: Setting Search Attributes

  1. Select IPA ServerConfiguration.
  2. In the User Options area, set the user search attributes in User search fields.
  3. In the Group Options area, set the group search attributes in Group search fields.
  4. Click Save at the top of the page.

Command Line: Setting Search Attributes

Use the ipa config-mod command with these options:
  • --usersearch defines a new list of search attributes for users
  • --groupsearch defines a new list of search attributes for groups
For example:
$ ipa config-mod --usersearch="uid,givenname,sn,telephonenumber,ou,title"
$ ipa config-mod --groupsearch="cn,description"