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23.8. Enforcing a Specific Authentication Indicator When Obtaining a Ticket from the KDC

To enforce a specific authentication indicator on:
  • A host object, execute:
    # ipa host-mod host_name --auth-ind=indicator
  • A Kerberos service, execute:
    # ipa service-mod service/host_name --auth-ind=indicator
To set multiple authentication indicators, specify the --auth-ind parameter multiple times.
Setting an authentication indicator to the HTTP/IdM_master service causes the IdM master to fail. Additionally, the utilities provided by IdM do not enable you to restore the master.

Example 23.2. Enforcing the pkinit Indicator on a Specific Host

The following command configures that only the users authenticated through a smart card can obtain a service ticket for the host:
# ipa host-mod --auth-ind=pkinit
The setting above ensures that the ticket-granting ticket (TGT) of a user requesting a Kerberos ticket, contains the pkinit authentication indicator.