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33.3. DNS Configuration Priorities

Many DNS configuration options can be configured on three different levels.
Zone-specific configuration
The level of configuration specific for a particular zone defined in IdM has the highest priority. Zone-specific configuration is managed using the ipa dnszone-* and ipa dnsforwardzone-* commands.
Global DNS configuration
If no zone-specific configuration is defined, IdM uses global DNS configuration stored in LDAP. Global DNS configuration is managed using the ipa dnsconfig-* commands. Settings defined in global DNS configuration are applied to all IdM DNS servers.
Configuration in /etc/named.conf
Configuration defined in the /etc/named.conf file on each IdM DNS server has the lowest priority. It is specific for each server and must be edited manually.
The /etc/named.conf file is usually only used to specify DNS forwarding to a local DNS cache; other options are managed using the commands for zone-specific and global DNS configuration mentioned above.
DNS options can be configured on multiple levels at once. In such cases, configuration with the highest priority takes precedence over configuration defined at lower levels.