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4.3. Prerequisites for Installing a Replica

The installation requirements for replicas are the same as for IdM servers. Make sure that the replica machine meets all of the prerequisites listed in Section 2.1, “Prerequisites for Installing a Server”.
In addition to the general server requirements, you must also meet the following conditions:
The replica must be running the same or later version of IdM
For example, if the master server is running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and uses the IdM 4.4 packages, then the replica must also run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or later and use IdM version 4.4 or later. This ensures that configuration can be properly copied from the server to the replica.
IdM does not support creating a replica of an earlier version than the version of the master. If you try to create a replica using an earlier version, the installation fails.
The replica needs additional ports to be open
In addition to the standard IdM server port requirements described in Section 2.1.6, “Port Requirements”, make sure you also meet the following:
  • At domain level 0, keep the TCP port 22 open on the master server during the replica setup process. This port is required in order to use SSH to connect to the master server.
    For details on domain levels, see Chapter 7, Displaying and Raising the Domain Level.
  • If one of the servers is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and has a CA installed, keep also TCP port 7389 open during and after the replica configuration. In a purely Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 environment, port 7389 is not required.
For information on how to open ports using the firewall-cmd utility, see Section 2.1.6, “Port Requirements”.