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Appendix D. Managing Replicas at Domain Level 0

This appendix describes managing replicas at domain level 0 (see Chapter 7, Displaying and Raising the Domain Level). For documentation on managing replicas at domain level 1, see:

D.1. Replica Information File

During the replica creation process, the ipa-replica-prepare utility creates a replica information file named after the replica server in the /var/lib/ipa/ directory. The replica information file is a GPG-encrypted file containing realm and configuration information for the master server.
The ipa-replica-install replica setup script configures a Directory Server instance based on the information contained in the replica information file and initiates the replica initialization process, during which the script copies over data from the master server to the replica. A replica information file can only be used to install a replica on the specific machine for which it was created. It cannot be used to create multiple replicas on multiple machines.