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33.11. Installing DNS Services Into an Existing Server

It is possible to install DNS services into an IdM server that was originally installed without them. To do this, make sure the ipa-server-dns package is installed, and then use the ipa-dns-install utility.
Configuring DNS services using ipa-dns-install follows the same principles as installing DNS with the ipa-server-install utility, as described in Section 2.3.3, “Installing a Server with Integrated DNS”.
For more information about ipa-dns-install, see the ipa-dns-install(1) man page.

33.11.1. Setting up Additional Name Servers Setting up Additional Name Servers

IdM adds the newly-configured IdM DNS server to the list of DNS servers in the /etc/resolv.conf file. It is recommended to manually add other DNS servers as backup servers in case the IdM server becomes unavailable. For example:

; the IdM server

; backup DNS servers
For more details about configuring /etc/resolv.conf, see the resolv.conf(5) man page.