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Appendix B. Changes in Version 4.1

The sections below document features and compatibility changes introduced in Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.1.

B.1. Changes in Eclipse

Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.1 is distributed with Eclipse 4.5.2 and other plugins from the Mars release train, which provides a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements over the version included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the previous version of Red Hat Developer Toolset.
This section contains a comprehensive list of new features and compatibility changes in this release. For details on how to use these new features, refer to the built-in Eclipse documentation.

B.1.1. Changes Since Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.0

  • A new component, Eclipse TM Terminal, has been added. It is a small, re-usable component for terminal emulation and remote access.
  • A new component, Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit, has been added. It is a comprehensive Ruby, TCL, and Shell script IDE with features including code running and debugging, auto-completion, outlining, support for executing unit tests and graphically presenting the results, and others.
  • The Eclipse Platform has been updated from version 4.5.0 to 4.5.2. As this is a bugfix release, it does not contains new features, only bug fixes and optimizations, including the following:
    • The SWT GTK+3 back end (used by default on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7) has been optimized for performance.
    • SWT has gained better compatibility with GTK+ 3.14 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2) and features drawing fixes and other improvements.
    • The Java formatter has been significantly improved.
    • The stability and behavior of Drag'n'Drop operations has been improved.
  • Eclipse CDT (C and C++ Development Tooling) has been updated from version 8.7 to 8.8.1. This release includes a number of enhancements, including the following:
    • Memory views have been improved, including support for Find/Replace and Add Watchpoint.
    • The readability of the Dissassembly view has been improved.
    • Support for user-defined literals has added.
  • The Mylyn task-management subsystem has been updated from version 3.16 to 3.18. This new release includes the following changes:
    • The Task list view has been improved.
    • The saving and restoring of breakpoints in the task context is now supported.
  • The Eclipse Linux Tools plug-in collection has been updated from version 3.2 to 4.0. This major release includes significant changes, such as:
    • A new subcomponent, the Vagrant plugin, has been added. The plugin supports interaction with Vagrant boxes and virtual machines.
    • The Docker plugin gained support for searching the Docker registry for images and for running images directly. The plugin now also includes a full-featured interactive shell support.
    • The OProfile plugin has gained support for the ocount tool.
    • The RPM plugin has gained support for weak dependencies (Suggests and Recommends).
    • Manual pages are browsable and searchable through the Eclipse Help system.
  • EGit, a Git integration plug-in for Eclipse, and JGit, a Java library implementing Git, have been updated from version 4.0.1 to 4.2.0. This update includes:
    • Basic support for push certificates has been added.
    • Performance has been improved by making use of the Java NIO (Non-blocking I/O).
    • Support for the Remote [Add|List|Remove] Command has been added to the JGit API.
    • Support for the gitflow model has been improved.
    • The Staging view now supports submodule repositories.
  • The Eclipse PyDev development environment for Python has been updated from version 4.1.0 to 4.5.4. This release includes a number of changes, such as:
    • The debugger has been improved significantly.
    • The PyDev Package Explorer has been improved to provide more information when all elements are filtered.
    • Code completion has been improved.
    • A new Python search page has been added, and the search backend is now backed by the Lucene engine.
  • The Eclipse PTP (Parallel Tools Platform) has been updated from version 4.1.0 to 4.5.4.