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1.6. Updating Red Hat Developer Toolset

1.6.1. Updating to a Minor Version

When a new minor version of Red Hat Developer Toolset is available, run the following command as root to update your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation:
yum update
This updates all packages on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, including the Red Hat Developer Toolset versions of the Eclipse development environment, development, debugging, and performance monitoring tools, and other dependent packages.


Use of Red Hat Developer Toolset requires the removal of any earlier pre-release versions of it. Additionally, it is not possible to update to Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.1 from a pre-release version of Red Hat Developer Toolset, including beta releases. If you have previously installed any pre-release version of Red Hat Developer Toolset, uninstall it from your system as described in Section 1.7, “Uninstalling Red Hat Developer Toolset” and install the new version as documented in Section 1.5, “Installing Red Hat Developer Toolset”.

1.6.2. Updating to a Major Version

When a new major version of Red Hat Developer Toolset is available, you can install it in parallel with the previous version. For detailed instructions on how to install Red Hat Developer Toolset on your system, see Section 1.5, “Installing Red Hat Developer Toolset”.