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Appendix A. Changes in Version 4.0

The sections below document features and compatibility changes introduced in Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.0.

A.1. Changes in Eclipse

Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.0 is distributed with Eclipse 4.5.0 and other plugins from the Mars release train SR2 (Service Release 2), which provides a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements over the version included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the previous version of Red Hat Developer Toolset.
This section contains a comprehensive list of new features and compatibility changes in this release. For details on how to use these new features, refer to the built-in Eclipse documentation.

A.1.1. Changes Since Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1

  • A new component, Eclipse Pydev, has been added. A full-featured Python IDE with features including code completion, type hinting, code analysis, refactoring, debugging, interactive console, unit test and code coverage integration, and many more.
  • A new component, Eclipse PTP, has been added. It is a subset of the Eclipse PTP project ( providing support for synchronized projects. Synchronized projects consist of files that are mirrored on the local system as well as on one or more remote systems. Editing occurs locally, and each file is synchronized with the currently active remote system when it is changed, created, or deleted. This enables faster interaction with the files and the editor, more CDT editor features because the files are local, and continued interaction for editing and other functions if the network connection is lost.
  • The Eclipse Platform has been updated from version 4.4.1 to 4.5.0. As this is a feature release it contains a number of new features, bug fixes and optimizations including, among others, the following:
    • The SWT GTK+3 back end (used by default on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7) has been significantly enhanced. It is now the default whenever GTK+ 3.x is installed on the system.
    • SWT now supports transparency.
    • User experience on Hi-DPI monitors has been improved.
    • The internal Jetty server has been updated to Jetty 9.x which implements the Servlet 3.1 specification.
    • The Dark theme has been improved and graduated to a supported version (it was a technology preview in the previous version of Red Hat Developer Toolset). It can be accessed on the GeneralAppearance preference page.
    • Search speed has been improved. Searching is now up to three to four times faster in case of full workspace searches on multi-core machines.
    • Editor tabs can now be managed. For example, focus can be set to left or right of a closed tab, etc.
    • Hierarchical project view has been added for easier navigation.
    • Search functionality has been added to or enhanced in a number of dialogs, such as Open with..., Open Resource, and Plug-in Selection.
    • The Console view has been improved. It now supports the Terminate All command, as well as output wrapping, scroll lock, and output limit.
    • Refactorings have been added for better code by using lambdas.
    • The speed of the Java compiler (ecj) has been improved significantly on generics-heavy code.
    • Support for Java annotation has been enhanced: support for external annotations has been added, as well as the Annotate command for adding nullable information in the source. Annotations can now be rendered in the Javadoc view.
  • Eclipse CDT (C and C++ Development Tooling) has been updated from version 8.6 to 8.7. This release includes a number of enhancements, including the following:
    • Support for docker-formatted container images has been added. The new subcomponent provides a new, optional feature in CDT, which allows for running and debugging C and C++ applications in docker-formatted container images. To use this feature, select the Run as C/C++ Container Application or Debug as C/C++ Container Application menu items.
    • Support for project-less execution has been added. Any C or C++ program can be run using the Run Configurations dialog window without being a part of a project.
    • A wizard has been added for importing existing Autotools projects.
  • The Mylyn task-management subsystem has been updated from version 3.14 to version 3.16. This new release includes the following changes:
    • The Bugzilla connector has been improved to support for Bugzilla versions and fields.
    • Support for saving and restoring breakpoints in task context has been added.
  • The Eclipse Linux Tools plug-in collection has been updated from version 3.2 to 4.0. This major release includes significant changes, such as:
    • Docker tooling has been added for managing and running docker-formatted container images from inside Eclipse.
  • EGit, a Git integration plug-in for Eclipse, and JGit, a Java library implementing Git, have been updated from version 3.6.1 to 4.0.1. This update includes:
    • Support has been added for honoring the .gitattributes configuration file.
    • Support has been added for pre-commit hooks.
    • Support has been added for the Git-Flow workflow.
    • Usability has been improved significantly. There are better and more numerous tooltips, busy indicators, etc.
    • The Staging view now supports submodule repositories.