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1.2. Main Features

The Red Hat Developer Toolset version of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) has been upgraded to version 5.3.1 with many bug fixes.
The version of the GNU Debugger (GDB) included in Red Hat Developer Toolset provides the new features, including the following:
  • Support for per-inferior thread numbers has been added.
  • GDB now allows users to specify explicit locations, bypassing the linespec parser. This feature is also available to GDB/MI clients.
  • GDB now has support for fork and exec events on remote-mode Linux targets. This enables follow-fork-mode, detach-on-fork, and follow-exec-mode modes and fork and exec catchpoints.
Additionally, the Red Hat Developer Toolset version of binutils provides these features:
  • Improved security achieved through more intensive checking of the integrity of the binary files examined by the binutils tools. Therefore, it is much harder to make these tools crash or to attempt to read memory that does not belong to them.
For a full list of changes and features introduced in this release, see Appendix B, Changes in Version 4.1.