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Chapter 2. Eclipse

Eclipse is a powerful development environment that provides tools for each phase of the development process. It integrates a variety of disparate tools into a unified environment to create a rich development experience, provides a fully configurable user interface, and features a pluggable architecture that allows for an extension in a variety of ways. For instance, the Valgrind plug-in allows programmers to perform memory profiling, otherwise performed on the command line, through the Eclipse user interface.
Sample Eclipse Session

Figure 2.1. Sample Eclipse Session

Eclipse provides a graphical development environment alternative to traditional interaction with command line tools and as such, it is a welcome alternative to developers who do not want to use the command line interface. The traditional, mostly command line-based Linux tools suite (such as gcc or gdb) and Eclipse offer two distinct approaches to programming.
Red Hat Developer Toolset is distributed with Eclipse 4.5.2, which is based on the Eclipse Foundation's Mars release train. Note that if you intend to develop applications for Red Hat JBoss Middleware or require support for OpenShift Tools, it is recommended that you use Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

Table 2.1. Eclipse Components Included in Red Hat Developer Toolset

devtoolset-4-eclipse-cdt The C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT), which provides features and plug-ins for development in C and C++.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-emf The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), which allows you to build applications based on a structured data model.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-gef The Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), which allows you to create a rich graphical editor from an existing application model.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-rse The Remote System Explorer (RSE) framework, which allows you to work with remote systems from Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-jgit JGit, a Java implementation of the Git revision control system.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-egit EGit, a team provider for Eclipse that provides features and plug-ins for interaction with Git repositories.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-mylyn Mylyn, a task management system for Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-pydev A full featured Python IDE for Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-ptp A subset of the PTP project providing support for synchronized projects.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-pde The Plugin Development Environment for developing Eclipse plugins.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-tests Eclipse tests.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-linuxtools A meta package for Linux-specific Eclipse plug-ins.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-remote The Remote Services plug-in, which provides an extensible remote-services framework.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-changelog[a] The ChangeLog plug-in, which allows you to create and maintain changelog files.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-gcov[a] The GCov plug-in, which integrates the GCov test coverage program with Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-gprof[a] The Gprof plug-in, which integrates the Gprof performance analysis utility with Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-manpage[a] The Man Page plug-in, which allows you to view manual pages in Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-oprofile[a] The OProfile plug-in, which integrates OProfile with Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-perf[a] The Perf plug-in, which integrates the perf tool with Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-rpm-editor[a] The Eclipse Spec File Editor, which allows you to maintain RPM spec files.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-systemtap[a] The SystemTap plug-in, which integrates SystemTap with Eclipse.
devtoolset-4-eclipse-valgrind[a] The Valgrind plug-in, which integrates Valgrind with Eclipse.
[a] This package is installed as a dependency of devtoolset-4-eclipse-linuxtools.

2.1. Installing Eclipse

In Red Hat Developer Toolset, the Eclipse development environment is provided as a collection of RPM packages and is automatically installed with the devtoolset-4-ide package as described in Section 1.5, “Installing Red Hat Developer Toolset”. For a list of available components, see Table 2.1, “Eclipse Components Included in Red Hat Developer Toolset”.


The Red Hat Developer Toolset version of Eclipse fully supports C, C++, and Java development, but does not provide support for the Fortran programming language.