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Satellite 6.1.8 is Released

Rich Jerrido published on 2016-03-22T22:24:29+00:00, last updated 2016-03-22T22:24:29+00:00

Satellite 6.1.8 has been released. This update fixes the following bugs:

  • Previously, the katello-backup tool did not handle the '--help' argument correctly. With this update, katello-backup provides the appropriate help information when passed the argument. (BZ#1250185)
  • Removing a Puppet module from the Libary after it had been added to a content view caused the Puppet Modules tab to become unresponsive. The display code has been updated, and the Puppet Modules tab now displays the deleted information correctly. (BZ#1271000)
  • Docker clients with version 1.8.7 introduced a new URL to pull images from. Satellite did not support this URL, which caused Docker clients with this version to not be able to pull content. Satellite now supports clients which are 1.8.7 or greater. (BZ#1282431)
  • Previously, deleting content hosts with large data sets took a long time to finish. The underlying source code has been modified and content host delete now performs faster. (BZ#1313398)
  • Prior to this update, child host groups did not allow the user to overwrite the default value from the parent host group. This action is now allowed. (BZ#1314392)
  • Satellite 6 allows composite content views to promote their component views to environments they are not members of. This caused life cycle issues for certain users. This update adds a configuration option (restrict_composite_view) that allows to forbid this behavior. (BZ#1314394)
  • This update also fixes issues caused by the rails security update RHSA-2016-0455 (BZ#1319771)

Further details can be found in errata RHBA-2016:0475


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