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1.9. Deleting Entries

Resource-related entries can be deleted through the inventory browser or group browser. Most JBoss ON server configuration entries cannot be deleted. Only user-supplied elements, like plug-ins, content, roles, and users, can be deleted.
If an item can be deleted, then a delete button is available in the table list or details page for that item.
Delete Button in the Area Browser

Figure 1.21. Delete Button in the Area Browser


A user may have the right to change something, but that does not implicitly grant the right to delete something. For example, users with the configuration write permission can edit resource configuration and view configuration history and settings, but they cannot delete elements in the configuration history. Similar constraints are true for users with permission to create and edit operations and alerts — there is no right to delete elements in the resource history.
Deleting elements in the history requires the manage inventory permission.