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12.3. Auditing and Reverting Resource Configuration Changes

Tracking for configuration changes is a crucial part of systems administration. It's important for maintenance, for performance, and for incident recovery — particularly when it is possible to revert change or correlate changes to incidents.
Every time a change is made to the resource configuration, whether through JBoss ON GUI or on the resource itself, the change is detected by JBoss ON and logged with a revision number. When a change is made outside of JBoss ON, the change is simply noted. When the change is made through the JBoss ON UI, the timestamp and the name of the user who made the change are both recorded.
Every change is recorded in a history, and the different changesets can be viewed and compared to one another. One change can be selected and the resource configuration can be rolled back to that selected change.
Tracking the configuration history and reverting changes is covered more in Section 14.1, “Tracking and Comparing Configuration Changes” and Section 14.2, “Reverting Configuration Changes”.