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13.2. Changing the Configuration for a Compatible Group

Similar to other templating functions in JBoss ON, like alert templates, configuration changes can be made on a compatible or autogroup, so that all of the members of that group can be up updated simultaneously with the same settings.


To change the current configuration for a group, a few conditions must be true so that the current group configuration can be reliably calculated for the individual resource configurations:
  • The group members must all be the same resource type.
  • All group member resources must be available (UP).
  • No other configuration update requests can be in progress for the group or any of its member resources.
  • The current member configurations must be successfully retrieved from the agents.
The process for setting the configuration for a group is the same as setting it for an individual resource:
  1. Click the Inventory tab in the top menu.
  2. In the Groups box in the left menu, select the Compatible Group link.
  3. Select the group to edit.
  4. Open the Configuration tab.
  5. Click the Current subtab.
  6. To edit a field, make sure the Unset checkbox is not selected. The Unset checkbox means that JBoss ON won't submit any values for that resource and any values are taken from the resource itself.
    Then, make any changes to the configuration.
    The list of available configuration properties, and their descriptions, are listed for each resource type in the Resource Reference: Monitoring, Operation, and Configuration Options.


    It is possible to change the configuration for all members by editing the form directly, but it is also possible to change the configuration for a subset of the group members. Click the green pencil icon, and then change the configuration settings for the members individually.
  7. Click the Save button at the top of the form.