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9.39. fabric:profile-create


create a new profile with the specified name and version


fabric:profile-create [ --help ] [ --version version ] [ --parent parent ] { Name }


The new profile is created only for the version you specify (or the current default version). If you want to create a profile for every version, you must invoke fabric:profile-create separately for each version (use fabric:version-list to list all versions).
The newly created profile is initially empty, apart from the settings inherited from the parent profiles. To add settings to the new profile, use the fabric:profile-edit command.
For example, to add the new profile, test, which has the current default version and inherits from the parent profiles, mq and camel, enter the following console command:
fabric:profile-create --parent mq --parent camel test


Table 9.39, “fabric:profile-create Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.39. fabric:profile-create Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
--version The profile version. Defaults to the current default version (use version-list to find the current default).
--parent Optionally specifies one or multiple parent profiles. To specify multiple parent profiles, specify this flag multiple times on the command line—for example, --parent foo --parent bar.
--parents Deprecated.
Name (Required) Name of the new profile.