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Chapter 3. ActiveMQ Console Commands

The activemq commands allow you to view and manage the brokers and messages.
Type activemq: then press Tab at the prompt to view the available commands.

3.1. activemq:browse, browse


displays messages on a specified destination


activemq:browse { --amqurl brokerURL } [ --msgsel { msgsel ...} ] [ --factory className ] [ --passwordFactory className ] [ --user username ] [ --password password ] [ --view { attr ...} ] [[ -Vheader ] | [ -Vcustom ] | [ -Vbody ]] [ --version ] [[ --help ] | [ -h ] | [ -? ]] destName


Table 3.1, “activemq:browse Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 3.1. activemq:browse Arguments

--amqurl brokerURL Specifies the URL of the broker to which you are connecting.
--msgsel msgsel1,msgsel2,...Displays messages matched by the message selector.
--factory classNameLoad className as the javax.jms.ConnectionFactory to use for creating connections.
--passwordFactory classNameLoad className as the org.apache.activemq.console.command.PasswordFactory for retrieving the password from a keystore.
--user usernameUsername to use for JMS connections.
--password passwordPassword to use for JMS connections.
-Vheader Shows all the standard JMS message headers.
-VcustomShows all the custom fields added to each JMS message.
-VbodyShows the body of the message.
--view attr1,attr1,... Selects the specific attribute of the message to view.
--versionDisplays the version information.
-h, -?, --helpDisplays the online help for this command.

Message filters

Message filters specified using the --msgsel option take the form header=value. Table 3.2, “Message Headers for Filtering” lists the headers you can use to filter messages.

Table 3.2. Message Headers for Filtering

JMSDeliveryMode1-Non-Persistent, 2-Persistent
JMSRedelivered boolean


The following command prints the JMS message header, custom message header, and message body of all the messages in the queue TEST.FOO on a broker:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root>activemq:browse --amqurl tcp://localhost:61616 TEST.FOO
The following command displays the attributes from the body of the messages in the TEST.FOO queue:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root>activemq:browse --amqurl tcp://localhost:61616 -Vbody TEST.FOO
The following command displays any messages with an ID ending in 10:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root>activemq:browse --amqurl tcp://localhost:61616 --msgsel JMSMessaageID='*:10' TEST.FOO
The following command displays messages with a priority of 3, enter:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root>activemq:browse --amqurl tcp://localhost:61616 --msgsel JMSPriority=3 TEST.FOO
The message selectors from the preceding two examples can be combined as follows:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root>activemq:browse --amqurl tcp://localhost:61616 --msgsel JMSMessaageID='*:10',JMSPriority=3 TEST.FOO