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9.4. fabric:cloud-service-list


list the configured cloud providers


fabric:cloud-service-list [ --help ]


For each configured cloud provider, displays the provider name, type (compute or blobstore), and registration (local, for a standalone container, or fabric, for a Fabric Container).
To access this command, the current container must belong to a Fabric and you must have installed the fabric-jclouds feature. To install the fabric-jclouds feature, deploy the cloud profile into the current container, using the fabric:container-change-profile command.
For example, if the console is currently logged on to the root container of the Fabric, you could add the cloud profile as follows:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> fabric:container-list
[id] [version] [alive] [profiles] [provision status] root* 1.0 true fabric, fabric-ensemble-0000-1 success
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> fabric:container-change-profile root fabric fabric-ensemble-0000-1 cloud
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> fabric:container-list
[id] [version] [alive] [profiles] [provision status] root* 1.0 true fabric, fabric-ensemble-0000-1, cloud success


Table 9.4, “fabric:cloud-service-list Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.4. fabric:cloud-service-list Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command.