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9.56. fabric:watch


Watches and automatically updates bundles


fabric:watch [ --help ] [ --no-upload ] [[ --start ] | [ --stop ]] [ -i interval ] [ --list ] [ --remove ] { bundles ...}


Table 9.56, “fabric:watch Arguments” describes the commands arguments.

Table 9.56. fabric:watch Arguments

--helpDisplays the online help for this command
--no-uploadIf specified, updated bundles are not uploaded to the fabric's Maven proxy repository.
--stopStop watching the specified bundles
--startStart watching the specified bundles
-iSpecifies the interval, in milliseconds, to check the bundles.
--listList the bundles being watched.
--removeRemove the specified bundles from the watch list.
bundles...Specifies a whitespace delimited list of bundle URLs or bundle IDs.
Only Maven URLs and Maven snapshots are updated automatically. So, if you enter the command, fabric:watch *, Fabric monitors all bundles whose location matches mvn:* and that have -SNAPSHOT in their URL.