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Chapter 16. Packages Console Commands

The packages commands are used for showing all packages imported and exported by the OSGi bundles currently installed.
Type packages: then press Tab at the prompt to view the available commands.

16.1. packages:exports, exports


displays the packages exported OSGi bundles


packages:export [ --help ] [[ -d ] | [ --details ]] [ -s ] [[ -i ] | [ --imports ]] [ id ...]


Table 16.1, “package:exports Arguments” describes the commands arguments.

Table 16.1. package:exports Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
-d, --detailsReformat the output in master/detail layout, which makes it easier to see how related details are grouped together.
-sShow the Symbolic name column, which shows the symbolic name of the bundle to which the exported package belongs.
-i, --imports Show the Imported by column, which lists all of the bundles that import the exported package.
id Specifies a whitespace separated list of bundle IDs to check.