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3.3. activemq:list


lists all available brokers in the specified JMX context


activemq:list [ --jmxurl JMXUrl ] [ --pid PID ] [ -jmxuser userName ] [ -jmxpassword password ] [ -jmxlocal ] [ --version ] [[ --help ] | [ -h ] | [ -? ]]


Table 3.4, “activemq:list Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 3.4. activemq:list Arguments

--jmxurl URL Sets the JMX URL to connect to
--pid PID Set the pid to connect to (only on Sun JVM).
--jmxuser user Sets the JMX user, used for authentication
--jmxpassword password Sets the JMX password, used for authentication
--jmxlocal Specifies to use the local JMX server instead of a remote server
--version Displays the version information
-h, -?, --help Displays the online help for this command