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9.51. fabric:status


displays the current status of the fabric, based on the configured profile requirements


fabric:status [ --help ]


This command summarizes the health of the fabric, based on requirements previously configured by the fabric:require-profile-set command. For example, if you configured the example-camel profile to require a minimum of two instances and a maximum of four instances, and there is currently only one instance running, the example-camel profile would get a health rating of 50%.
The fabric:status command produces output like the following:
karaf@root> fabric:status
[profile]                                [instances]    [health]
cloud                                    1              100%
example-camel                            0              0%
example-cxf                              0              0%
fabric                                   1              100%
fabric-ensemble-0000-1                   1              100%


Table 9.51, “fabric:status Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.51. fabric:status Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command

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