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9.27. fabric:ensemble-add


extend the current Fabric Ensemble by converting the specified containers into Fuse Servers


fabric:ensemble-add [ --help ] { ContainerList }


Because the total number of containers in an ensemble must always be odd, you should add an even number of containers.
For example, consider a fabric consisting of three containers—root1, root2, and root3—where root1 is an Fuse Server and root2 and root3 are ordinary Fabric Containers. You can now add root2 and root3 to the current ensemble by entering the following console command:
fabric:ensemble-add root2 root3
Normally, it makes sense to have at most one Fabric Server running on each host, so that the specified containers are actually running on remote hosts (hence, it usually does not make sense to add child containers to an ensemble). You do not need to provide any information about where the containers are running, however, because fabric already knows the location of the containers in the fabric.
Because the Fabric Ensemble is the key component of Fuse Fabric, changing the ensemble is a critical operation. All data will be preserved and copied to the new Fuse Servers before switching.


Table 9.27, “fabric:ensemble-add Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.27. fabric:ensemble-add Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
ContainerList The list of containers to add.