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9.52. fabric:version-create


create a new version


fabric:version-create [ --help ] [ --parent parentVersion ] { Version }


Create a new version, by default copying all of the profiles from the current latest version into the new version. You can specify which version to copy the profiles from using the --parent option. Using the --description option, you can add a note to describe the new version. If no version is specified, the command creates a new minor version by default. For example:
karaf@root> fabric:version-list
[version]       [default] [# containers]
1.0             true      1             
karaf@root> fabric:version-create --description "Test version"
Created version: 1.1 as copy of: 1.0
karaf@root> fabric:version-list
[version]       [default] [# containers]  [description]
1.0             true      1             
1.1             false     0               Test version
Be aware that Fabric8 Karaf does not handle leading and trailing zeros in version numbers. Numbers such as 1.10, 01.1, 1.1 will all be interpreted as 1.1. When specifying version numbers, any numbers with leading or trailing zeros must be enclosed in double quotes. For example, "1.10". This will force the number to be interpreted as presented.


Table 9.52, “fabric:version-create Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.52. fabric:version-create Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
--default Set the created version to be the new default version.
--description Add a description of the newly created version. Enclose the text within double quotes.
--parent The parent version. By default, uses the latest version as the parent.
Version The new version to create. If not specified, defaults to the next minor version.