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9.34. fabric:leave


disconnects a container from a fabric


fabric:leave [ options ] [ containerName ]


This command disconnects a container from a fabric and cleans related data.
This command is only available from R13 and later.
If you use the leave command without any options, it attempts to disconnect the current container from the fabric.
Container joined will be disconnected from Fabric. This operation is not reversible.
    Do you want to proceed? (yes/no): yes
    Container joined will leave Fabric and restart - cleanup will be done asynchronously.
If you specify the container using the leave command, the specified container leaves the fabric.
fabric:leave containerName


Table 9.34, “fabric:leave Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 9.34. fabric:leave Arguments

containerNameSpecifies the name of container to remove from the fabric.
--helpDisplays the online help for this command.
--fForces the execution of the command regardless of the known state of the container.