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6.5. config:propappend, propappend


appends the given value to an existing property or creates the property with the specified name and value


config:propappend [ --help ] [[ -b ] | [ --bypass-storage ]] [[ -p PID ] | [ --pid PID ]] { name } { value }


When you append a value to a property using the config:propappend command, the change is stored in the buffer and not propagated to the container until the editing session is closed.
If you use the -p argument to specify a PID, however, the change is made immediately.


Table 6.5, “config:propappend Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 6.5. config:propappend Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command.
-b, --bypass-storageDoe not write the change to the local file.
-p, --pidSpecifies the PID of the configuration in which to make the change. The default is to change the configuration currently open for editing.
name Specifies the name of the property to change.
value Specifies the value to append to the property.