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14.8.4. net

net <protocol> <function> <misc_options> <target_options>
The net utility is similar to the net utility used for Windows and MS-DOS. The first argument is used to specify the protocol to use when executing a command. The <protocol> option can be ads, rap, or rpc for specifying the type of server connection. Active Directory uses ads, Win9x/NT3 uses rap, and Windows NT4/2000/2003 uses rpc. If the protocol is omitted, net automatically tries to determine it.
The following example displays a list the available shares for a host named wakko:
~]# net -l share -S wakko
Enumerating shared resources (exports) on remote server:
Share name   Type     Description
----------   ----     -----------
data         Disk     Wakko data share
tmp          Disk     Wakko tmp share
IPC$         IPC      IPC Service (Samba Server)
ADMIN$       IPC      IPC Service (Samba Server)
The following example displays a list of Samba users for a host named wakko:
~]# net -l user -S wakko
root password:
User name             Comment
andriusb              Documentation
joe                   Marketing
lisa                  Sales