22.4. Storage parameters

Table 22.1. Storage Module Parameters

Hardware Module Parameters
3ware Storage Controller and 9000 series 3w-xxxx.ko, 3w-9xxx.ko
Adaptec Advanced Raid Products, Dell PERC2, 2/Si, 3/Si, 3/Di, HP NetRAID-4M, IBM ServeRAID, and ICP SCSI driver aacraid.ko
nondasd — Control scanning of hba for nondasd devices. 0=off, 1=on
dacmode — Control whether dma addressing is using 64 bit DAC. 0=off, 1=on
commit — Control whether a COMMIT_CONFIG is issued to the adapter for foreign arrays. This is typically needed in systems that do not have a BIOS. 0=off, 1=on
startup_timeout — The duration of time in seconds to wait for adapter to have it's kernel up and running. This is typically adjusted for large systems that do not have a BIOS
aif_timeout — The duration of time in seconds to wait for applications to pick up AIFs before deregistering them. This is typically adjusted for heavily burdened systems.
numacb — Request a limit to the number of adapter control blocks (FIB) allocated. Valid values are 512 and down. Default is to use suggestion from Firmware.
acbsize — Request a specific adapter control block (FIB) size. Valid values are 512, 2048, 4096 and 8192. Default is to use suggestion from Firmware.
Adaptec 28xx, R9xx, 39xx AHA-284x, AHA-29xx, AHA-394x, AHA-398x, AHA-274x, AHA-274xT, AHA-2842, AHA-2910B, AHA-2920C, AHA-2930/U/U2, AHA-2940/W/U/UW/AU/, U2W/U2/U2B/, U2BOEM, AHA-2944D/WD/UD/UWD, AHA-2950U2/W/B, AHA-3940/U/W/UW/, AUW/U2W/U2B, AHA-3950U2D, AHA-3985/U/W/UW, AIC-777x, AIC-785x, AIC-786x, AIC-787x, AIC-788x , AIC-789x, AIC-3860 aic7xxx.ko
verbose — Enable verbose/diagnostic logging
allow_memio — Allow device registers to be memory mapped
debug — Bitmask of debug values to enable
no_probe — Toggle EISA/VLB controller probing
probe_eisa_vl — Toggle EISA/VLB controller probing
no_reset — Supress initial bus resets
extended — Enable extended geometry on all controllers
periodic_otag — Send an ordered tagged transaction periodically to prevent tag starvation. This may be required by some older disk drives or RAID arrays.
tag_info:<tag_str> — Set per-target tag depth
global_tag_depth:<int> — Global tag depth for every target on every bus
seltime:<int> — Selection Timeout (0/256ms,1/128ms,2/64ms,3/32ms)
IBM ServeRAID ips.ko
LSI Logic MegaRAID Mailbox Driver megaraid_mbox.ko
unconf_disks — Set to expose unconfigured disks to kernel (default=0)
busy_wait — Max wait for mailbox in microseconds if busy (default=10)
max_sectors — Maximum number of sectors per IO command (default=128)
cmd_per_lun — Maximum number of commands per logical unit (default=64)
fast_load — Faster loading of the driver, skips physical devices! (default=0)
debug_level — Debug level for driver (default=0)
Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel SCSI driver lpfc.ko
lpfc_poll — FCP ring polling mode control: 0 - none, 1 - poll with interrupts enabled 3 - poll and disable FCP ring interrupts
lpfc_log_verbose — Verbose logging bit-mask
lpfc_lun_queue_depth — Max number of FCP commands we can queue to a specific LUN
lpfc_hba_queue_depth — Max number of FCP commands we can queue to a lpfc HBA
lpfc_scan_down — Start scanning for devices from highest ALPA to lowest
lpfc_nodev_tmo — Seconds driver will hold I/O waiting for a device to come back
lpfc_topology — Select Fibre Channel topology
lpfc_link_speed — Select link speed
lpfc_fcp_class — Select Fibre Channel class of service for FCP sequences
lpfc_use_adisc — Use ADISC on rediscovery to authenticate FCP devices
lpfc_ack0 — Enable ACK0 support
lpfc_cr_delay — A count of milliseconds after which an interrupt response is generated
lpfc_cr_count — A count of I/O completions after which an interrupt response is generated
lpfc_multi_ring_support — Determines number of primary SLI rings to spread IOCB entries across
lpfc_fdmi_on — Enable FDMI support
lpfc_discovery_threads — Maximum number of ELS commands during discovery
lpfc_max_luns — Maximum allowed LUN
lpfc_poll_tmo — Milliseconds driver will wait between polling FCP ring
HP Smart Array cciss.ko
LSI Logic MPT Fusion mptbase.ko mptctl.ko mptfc.ko mptlan.ko mptsas.ko mptscsih.ko mptspi.ko
mpt_msi_enable — MSI Support Enable
mptfc_dev_loss_tmo — Initial time the driver programs the transport to wait for an rport to return following a device loss event.
mpt_pt_clear — Clear persistency table
mpt_saf_te — Force enabling SEP Processor
QLogic Fibre Channel Driver qla2xxx.ko
ql2xlogintimeout — Login timeout value in seconds.
qlport_down_retry — Maximum number of command retries to a port that returns a PORT-DOWN status
ql2xplogiabsentdevice — Option to enable PLOGI to devices that are not present after a Fabric scan.
ql2xloginretrycount — Specify an alternate value for the NVRAM login retry count.
ql2xallocfwdump — Option to enable allocation of memory for a firmware dump during HBA initialization. Default is 1 - allocate memory.
extended_error_logging — Option to enable extended error logging.
ql2xfdmienable — Enables FDMI registratons.
NCR, Symbios and LSI 8xx and 1010 sym53c8xx
cmd_per_lun — The maximum number of tags to use by default
tag_ctrl — More detailed control over tags per LUN
burst — Maximum burst. 0 to disable, 255 to read from registers
led — Set to 1 to enable LED support
diff — 0 for no differential mode, 1 for BIOS, 2 for always, 3 for not GPIO3
irqm — 0 for open drain, 1 to leave alone, 2 for totem pole
buschk — 0 to not check, 1 for detach on error, 2 for warn on error
hostid — The SCSI ID to use for the host adapters
verb — 0 for minimal verbosity, 1 for normal, 2 for excessive
debug — Set bits to enable debugging
settle — Settle delay in seconds. Default 3
nvram — Option currently not used
excl — List ioport addresses here to prevent controllers from being attached
safe — Set other settings to a "safe mode"