10.5.9. MPM Specific Server-Pool Directives

As explained in Section, “Server-Pool Size Regulation”, the responsibility for managing characteristics of the server-pool falls to a module group called MPMs under Apache HTTP Server 2.0. The characteristics of the server-pool differ depending upon which MPM is used. For this reason, an IfModule container is necessary to define the server-pool for the MPM in use.
By default, Apache HTTP Server 2.0 defines the server-pool for both the prefork and worker MPMs.
The following section list directives found within the MPM-specific server-pool containers.  StartServers

The StartServers directive sets how many server processes are created upon startup. Since the Web server dynamically kills and creates server processes based on traffic load, it is not necessary to change this parameter. The Web server is set to start 8 server processes at startup for the prefork MPM and 2 for the worker MPM.