2.2. For the More Experienced

If you have used other Linux distributions, you probably already have a basic grasp of the most frequently used commands. You may have installed your own Linux system, and maybe you have even downloaded and built software you found on the Internet. After installing Linux, however, configuration issues can be very confusing.
The System Administrators Guide is designed to help explain the various ways a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system can be configured to meet specific objectives. Use this manual to learn about specific configuration options and how to put them into effect.
When you are installing software that is not covered in the System Administrators Guide, it is often helpful to see what other people in similar circumstances have done. HOWTO documents from the Linux Documentation Project, available at http://www.redhat.com/mirrors/LDP/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/howtos.html, document particular aspects of Linux, from low-level kernel esoteric changes to using Linux for amateur radio station work.
If you are concerned with the finer points and specifics of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, the Reference Guide is a great resource.
If you are concerned about security issues, the Security Guide is a great resource — explaining in concise terms best strategies and practices for securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.